Introducing Nikki Giovanni, Black Poet of Resilience

Check out our "Nikki Giovanni Activity Pack" for suggestions of two weeks worth of activities to do to help you learn about this great "Black Poet of Resilience"!  

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The Story of Nikki Giovanni Day 2

Find out in today's story how Nikki Giovanni got the name Nikki.

The Story of Nikki Giovanni Day 3

Today's story addresses the unfortunate experiences of racism that Nikki's family endured and how they overcame them.

The Story of Nikki Giovanni Day 4

In today's story we learn about Nikki's relationship with her grandmother.

Tellin' Children Our Story--Teaching History to Children

Tellin' Children Our Story

Tellin' Children Our Story

We are currently revising the book that explains step by step, our award winning technique for teaching history to children, and will soon be publishing a second edition.  Stay tuned